Is Justin Timberlake About to Drop New Music?

Is 2018 going to be a huge year for JT?

January 2, 2018

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Is anyone else so glad that 2017 is gone? 2018 is about the be the best year yet because rumors are swirling that Justin Timberlake is going to release new music ahead of his big Super Bowl Halftime performance!

If you go to JT's website you'll see a weird logo. It stands for "MOTW". Some people are speculating that he's releasing a new single on Friday!! As in this Friday, four days from now! 

His website just features that logo with nothing else. Earlier this month reports came out that Timberlake put a trademark on the phrase "Man of the woods". Is that the name of the single or maybe an album that will drop on Super Bowl weekend?

He will take the stage during the BIG game of February 4th. As for a new single dropping Friday, well as of now it's just a rumor. But we will certainly keep you posted. 

And it's also rumored that he will be announcing tour dates too! Here's hoping he makes a stop in Charlotte.