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A powerhouse in the Carolina’s Queen City for 13 years, The Matt & Ramona Show has been nominated for radio’s prestigious Marconi Award multiple times, as well as being voted “Best Radio Show” by Charlotte Magazine in 2013 and 2015. Comfortable in front of the camera as well, Matt and Ramona spent four years as co-hosts on Fox News Edge. Ramona also co-hosted Charlotte Today on NBC for 2 years and currently, Matt co-hosts The Edge on WCCB.

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Helicopter Parents Ruining Millennials?

Thursday, July 12th
Normally millennials are accused of ruining everything these days, but what if it's all thanks to helicopter parents? We talk about the adults who aren't doing...

Signs He's A Gentleman

Wednesday, July 11th
Is there really a way to tell if a good is actually a good guy and not just faking it? We also talk about why should stop saying "I'm sorry" so much!

Ramona Won The Lotto

Tuesday, July 10th
Ramona tried her luck and won some money...looks like she's gonna retire with all that cash! We also talk about the ways you can help yourself get smarter...

Beware The Backseat Driver

Monday, July 9th
Are Matt or Ramona's family the worst backseat drivers ever? We also talk about the debate of which condiments go on a hot dog and reasons why you SHOULD be...

5 Steps To A Perfect Kiss

Friday, July 6th
We've got the most important ingredients for a kiss that will knock someone's socks off, plus can Matt bring sexy back? Ramona has tips on how to regain your...