Barbie Delivers Wisdom On The Sorry Reflex

Barbie might be a child's toy but she brought some very adult wisdom to the table in her latest animated 'vlog' on youtube. She talks about the way that women often apologize for everything even sometimes things that aren't our fault at all. Check it out on Youtube: Video of Sorry Reflex | Barbie...
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Are your 'Textpectations' Too High?

While eating my lunch today, I was inspired by Amy Young a dating/lifestyle Coach on youtube to rethink my 'textpectations'. In a video she put out in 2016 she makes a few great points. When you're texting a crush, a boyfriend, or even a work friend what are you expecting to happen? What is your...
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The Key To Happiness Is To Not Try So Hard

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life so far is that happiness is not a destination! It’s not some reward you obtain after checking everything off your list, and it’s definitely not some everlasting feeling. But what does science have to say about all of this? A recent study in...
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