How Much Will Having a Phone Cost You in a Lifetime?

We have what many people would consider an unhealthy relationship with our phones. We spend an average of just over four hours per day with our faces buried in our screens on social media, texting, browsing the internet, and playing games. There have been many studies done over the years that have...
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Apple Set to Announce Less Addictive iPhone

In case you haven't noticed most people are attached to their phone in a very unhealthy way. Phone addiction is real, and we are seeing more and more treatment programs to help people deal with digital addiction. Here are a couple of fun facts about cell phones. 90% of adults have a phone which is...
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Get The Link Everywhere On The App

Never miss a moment with the 107.9 The Link on the App! Take us everywhere you go and get Charlotte's Best mix on the road. Stream Bob & Sheri in the Morning, Kelly at lunchtime and Matt & Ramona in the afternoons from your phone or tablet! Click the links below to download...
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