bad parenting

Don’t Call Your Adult Child’s Boss For Them. Ever.

It can be hard letting your baby bird fly from the nest, but sometimes you’ve gotta let them fly on their own. In the wake of the college admissions scandal, where people like actress Lori Loughlin paid thousands in bribes to get their children admitted to elite schools, a new study found that...
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Must See: Mom Intentionally Lets Snake Bite Baby Multiple Times

Sometimes I feel like a real broken record. It seems as if every few months I am writing a new story about some parent that did something so outrageous that the story went viral. It makes me question why just anyone could become a parent. We take a test to pass from one grade to another. We take a...
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Mooresville Restaurant Bans Kids Under 5

I think it is safe to say that we've all encountered a screaming kid while dining out. It can make a pleasant dinner turn not so great fast! Sometimes the issue is with the parents who don't know how to discipline their kids and let them get out of control. Other times little ones aren't feeling...
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