The Rental Review Cover

Matt and Bandy Review The Rental Now Streaming on VOD

Matt and Bandy find out if the movie The Rental is actually worth "renting."
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Primetime Emmy Nominees

Matt and Bandy Discuss Emmy Nominees and the Most Overrated TV Shows

For years you've heard Matt and Bandy pontificate on and on about their love for TV and Movies and now they finally have a podcast/video-cast to talk about it without Ramona rolling her eyes.
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bandy woodchuck

Checkin' Up On The Woodchuck

Bandy vs. a woodchuck...who's currently winning this battle of wits?!?
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bandy vs the woodchuck

Bandy vs. The Woodchuck

Bandy has an unwanted guest who's tearing up his flowers and bushes!
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Brent Is A White Guy Name

Bandy always tells us that his real name (Brent) is totally a white guy name...meanwhile, Ramona's just trying to find anyone who has the same name as her.
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Why Won't Bandy Invite Us To Lunch?

Bandy's as antisocial as they come, and we found out he invited an acquaintance to have lunch. He's never once invited us to lunch...what's up with that?!?
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Join Bandy at NorthCross' Fourth Annual Tricks n' Treats!

Join Bandy from the Matt & Ramona show and 107.9 The Link for NorthCross’ fourth annual TRICKS ‘n TREATS Halloween Celebration on Saturday, October 27th! The fun runs from 3:30pm-6:00pm! It’s going to be a spooktackular time! This free family event features superheroes, pumpkins, creepy...
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Bandy's Awkward Psychiatrist Encounter

Yeah that Bandy guy is really awkward, so naturally he had an unexpected, yet awkward conversation with his Psychiatrist...
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Bandy's Trip To The DMV

Just the thought of going to the DMV can stress out the most calm person, so imagine Bandy having to spend HOURS there at the beginning of the new year!
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UPDATE: Bandy's Journey From Mental Illness To Wellness

It all started with a simple selfie on Facebook and a joke about peeing his pants, but it turned into something so much bigger. Since June 8th Bandy has been sharing his journey in pursuit of a new treatment to help him manage his depression and anxiety disorder called Transcranial Magnetic...
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