Man Finds Over 80,000 Bees Living in Walls of Home for Over 40 Years

Tom Egel, the 91-year-old homeowner, says he was in absolute shock when he found out there were over 80,000 bees living in the walls and ceiling of his Garden City home.
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Arizona Man Registers Bees as Service Animals

An Arizona man is causing a sting for his service animal. David Keller thinks people are taking advantage of the relative ease it is to declare a pet as a service animal, so he registered a swarm of bees to prove his point, according to the New York Post. Arizona man registers swarm of bees as...
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'Do Bees Have Knees?' And Other Odd Facts Explained

Do Bees Have Knees? Yes, bees really do have knees. Their legs have six sections ; each one is connected by a joint, so the one between the femur and tibia would be considered the knee. Geckos eat their own skin. Video of Leopard Gecko Eating Skin Shed The GEICO Gecko has kept the image of geckos...
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