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Franzia Selling Backpacks That Can Hold, and Dispense, an Entire Box of Wine

Boxed wine company Franzia has a new line of merchandise, and one of the items available is a backpack that wine lovers can use on the go. Read on RADIO.COM.
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When Exactly Is Wine O'Clock?

There’s nothing like getting home and pour yourself with a glass of wine...have you ever wondered what the best time to unwind? A California winemaker commissioned a study and found out that “Wine O’clock” is at 6:59pm. A majority of the people in the survey said they’re most likely to crack open a...
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Could Boxed Wine Be Better Than the Bottled Wine?

Boxed wine tends to be frowned upon by many people. I know I always thought that wine in a box was the cheap, gross stuff that I wouldn't want to ever drink. But we need to stop hating on the boxed wine because it CAN be better than the stuff in the bottle. I'm such a lazy wine drinker. I have...
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