The Bumble APP Isn't Just For Dating Anymore

If you're single, you've probably heard about the Bumble APP . It's just one of the many dating APPs that will help you find the one or someone to help you itch your scratch if you know what I mean. When I was doing the whole single thing earlier this year, I prefer Bumble to all the other options...
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People Are Using Dating APPs For More Than Love

I already know what you're thinking. You probably assume that this story is all about how people are using online dating sites and APPs to get laid. And while that applies to some, that's not the angle here. If you've ever tried your hand at online dating using a website like Match.com or an APP...
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My Review Of The Dating APP Bumble

Online dating may be one of the most frustrating things I have ever done. I did a lot of online dating back in 2009 when I was newly single after getting out of an eight-year relationship. My mind was certainly blown back in the day by all the games and rules. But now coming back to the whole...
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