College Kid Replies All With Cougar Joke

So a university in Oregon sent an e-mail to all of its students warning them about cougars having been spotted around town. Normally "reply all" is frowned upon, but 23-year-old Caleb Diaz accidentally roasted his mom in a message that was seen by the entire student body: My school sent out a...
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Ramona's Not The Only Celeb Who Pronounces "Croissant" Like A Weirdo

BuzzFeed posted an article about how Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland's fans have been making fun of the way that he pronounces the word "croissant." Tom Holland's fans think he can't pronounce "croissant" and now it's a meme — BuzzFeed (@...
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Men Working Out Wearing Boob Weights Is Everything

Men love boobs! I have had many say to me that they wish they had boobs of their own and that they'd never leave the house. They are great and all, but most men don't understand how heavy they can be and how they can prove to be quite the challenge when doing physical activities. So the geniuses at...
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