Working Mom Receives $9 Paycheck After Bartending for More Than 70 Hours

A working mother from Texas shared a video that has gotten people talking about pay among waitstaff and bartenders. The mother received a $9 paycheck after bartending for more than 70 hours.
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No One Carries Cash Anymore

It's 2018...are you still carrying cash instead of mostly using a debit or credit card? We also talk about how to break up with someone without being a jerk, plus super heroes might not be as good as we think they are.
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Charlotte Knights Weekend Cash Giveaway!

The Charlotte Knights will have an opportunity for a fan to win $25,000! There are four separate dates during weekend games. This is an insured promotion with several chances each night for contestants to have the opportunity to roll dice. If the five dice spell ‘Homer’ they win the cash. Click...
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