Cat lady

Siamese Beauty Needs A Home

Skylar is a beautiful Siamese Lynx Point in need of a great home. Her former owner abandoned her, poor girl. She's in a foster home right now and is a sweet kitty. Skylar is spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. Foster mom's husband has allergies and unable to keep her. This beautiful blue-...
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Your Cat Isn't Making You Crazy After All?

For a long time, there was something to the term crazy cat lady or a crazy cat person. It was thought that our feline companions made us nuts. But I am here to tell you that science was, in fact, wrong. It had been reported that cats carried a parasite, Toxoplasma Gondii, that could cause mental...
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Must See: Man Raps To His Cats Video

I have full on conversations with my cats. I also like to take the lyrics of popular songs and insert their names or things about them. I am that person. But there's someone even crazier than me, a man who has gone viral for rapping to his cats. The video is actually pretty amazing and… The post...
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