Family sitting on the couch with golden retriever in foreground at home in the living room

You Might Prefer Your Pets Over Your Kids If...

Don't we consider our pets one of our kids anyway?
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Cheerful woman lying on sofa holding a ginger cat

You Might Love Your Pet More Than Your Friends If...

These are the five signs you love your pets more than your friends!
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Cat People Aren't Crazy After All!

People who love cats have had a bad reputation for far too long!
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Celebrate International Cat Day With These 5 Fun Cat Facts

In case you didn't know, I love cats! If I could run off and live on an island full of cats and just snuggle them all day long, I would. There's something magical about felines. And today is the purrfect day to celebrate all things cat because it's International Cat Day . The unofficial holiday was...
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Can A Cat's Purr Help With Healing?

I am team cat all the way. I don't have anything against dogs, but for my lifestyle cats just make better sense. My issue is that I cannot get past the idea of picking up hot dog poop in a plastic bag using my hand. Nope. No thank you! I love my cats. After a stressful day or when I am sick, they...
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Dog Owners Are Way Happier Than Cat Owners

In the long-running debate on whether dogs or cats are better, it sounds like dogs have the upper hand. Dog owners are twice as likely to say they’re “very happy” than cat owners, thanks to a new survey . They asked both pet and non-pet people how happy they were. While the happiness levels are...
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Cats React To The Sound Of Their Name, New Study Says

Dogs aren’t the only pets who can recognize words these days! Scientists in Japan discovered for the first time ever that cats can distinguish between the words that humans say. It isn’t that they actually know the word is their name; there’s no evidence that cats assign a sense of self to their...
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Talking To Your Pets Is A Sign Of Intelligence, Science Says

We already know that people love dogs more than they love other people , and now it turns out they’re the smartest people in the room. While some think that people who talk to animals are dumb, Dr. Nicholas Epley , a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, says it’s the...
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Taylor Swift attends the 2019 InStyle and Warner Bros. 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

SCREENSHOTS: Taylor Swift Reveals Her 'Cats' Character

She's "kind and touching but harsh"
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Could Your Pet Be A Relationship Deal Breaker?

I couldn't imagine life without my two cats. My house wouldn't be a home without a pet. Although I love my cats some people I meet do not think they're so great. In fact, some people think they are annoying and want nothing to do with them. If you have pets and you're single, your pet could be the...
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