Do You Snoop Around In Your Partner's Phone?

Have you ever looked at your partner's phone without their knowledge? Just know you're not alone in being curious/paranoid....
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Sly boyfriend using mobile in bed

10 Ways You May Be Micro-Cheating

What's the difference between cheating and micro-cheating?
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Can Snooping In Partner's Phone Fix Relationship Issues?

New research found that getting caught snooping can help your relationship!
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3 Times It's Okay to Lie In A Relationship

But wait, weren't we taught that it's never ok to lie? Yes, we were. But I think when you see this list you will agree that sometimes the truth can hurt and cause lots of issues. I think we can all come to a consensus that some things do not need to be revealed in a relationship because nothing...
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3 Traits That Make Men More Likely to Cheat

One thing I have learned over the last few years is that we are fascinated by people who may or may not be psychopaths and those who cheat in their relationships. Every couple of week I come upon some new study about both of these topics. The New York Post compiled a list based on multiple studies...
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What Age Is Infidelity Most Likely to Occur?

I feel like every single article I write or read about cheaters is about how or why men cheat on their wives or girlfriends. This one is about women who cheat for once. We've learned so much about cheaters and why they cheat and the time of year they are most likely to cheat. But what about women,...
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What Percentage Of Couples Survive An Affair?

When it comes to cheating in a relationship, how people handle the fallout all comes down to the individual couple. We often talk about the percentages of men and women who cheat and why they do it, but what do we know about the couples who survive an affair? A new study by Health Testing Centers...
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Lori Loughlin Won't Return To 'Fuller House;' Also Fired From Hallmark Channel

UPDATE (3:31pm ET) : Lori Loughlin has been fired from Hallmark Channel, according to EW . Loughlin was the face of the channel and also starred in the series, When Calls The Heart . Despite Loughlin's firing, Hallmark confirmed on Instagram that the series will not be canceled. Loughlin also won't...
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4 Character Traits Of A Cheater

Lord knows no one wants to fall for someone who is a repeat cheater. But sometimes it happens to the best of us. But there are some undeniable character traits that someone who is more likely to cheat will have, and now you can look out for them. On a side note, the problem today is that we live in...
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Is It Easier Or Harder To Cheat In 2018?

Thanks to technology it might be easier to cheat on your partner, but it's also easier for your partner to catch you! We also talk about how to tell if someone has the potential to be a jerk and Matt tries to convince us that we shouldn't wash an important part of our body.
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