What is a Selfiecinno?

Coffee just seems to be getting trendier every single year. There's always so new coffee drink that takes the World by storm because of its ingredients or flavors. If you're a cappuccino lover, you know latte art is a big thing at some of the fancier coffee shops. Baristas and latte artists take...
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MacTabby, CLT's 1st Cat Cafe Opens Saturday

If you love cats and coffee I have the BEST news for you! Charlotte's first cat cafe is opening this Saturday on North Davidson Street! It only seems fitting that this amazing cafe full of adoptable kitties is opening on #Caturday. That's just another way to say Saturday if you're a cat person!...
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Coffices For Everyone!

Who needs a cubicle when you can spend your workday in a coffee shop? Apparently that's where the "office workplace" is headed... On the podcast it's also "Would You Rather..." Wednesday, and we also have the signs your partner is in the mood.
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