matt cooking on grill

GrillMaster Matt

Matt tried to play off that he didn't know how to work a charcoal grill.
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ramona holloway bad cook

Ramona Holloway STILL Can't Cook

We are shocked every time Ramona says she can't cook, yet we're also amazed when she tells us how she completely ruined a dish. Find out how Ramona tried to kill yet another person with her cooking!
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 matt harris cooking

Cooking Is Hard For Matt

There's a lot of things that stress out Matt, but one of the biggest challenges of being a parent is coming up with things to cook for the kids that isn't just hot dogs or chicken nuggets.
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National Men Make Dinner Day with Our Link Guys

The first Thursday in November has been dubbed “National Men Make Dinner Day.” Its no big deal for the guys at 107.9 The Link.Matt Harris from the Matt & Ramona Show says he makes dinner about once a week. Super Todd from the Bob and Sheri Show says that as a single dad, dinner is his job 7...
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Who's Hungry For Salmon In A Can?

Matt is completely baffled by the existence of salmon in a can...we should really get Ramona's mom Wheezy to whip him up some salmon croquettes!
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Are You Doing Meal Planning Wrong?

It's a New Year and many people's resolutions including eating healthy. Healthy eating and meal planning go hand in hand but are you doing meal planning backwards? Youtuber Jordan Page created a video with a ton of tips for meal preppers. Video of How to MEAL PLAN! (hint: you're probably...
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Cooking Basics Every Adult Should Know

For years Ramona's been telling us that she doesn't know how to cook, so we put it to the test? She and Matt face off to see who can whip up these four things:
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Gourmet Chef Tries to Recreate Cheetos

If you could make junk food at home would you? I'm not sure its any healthier that way but it's interesting to watch! Pastry Chef Claire Saffitz decides to take on Cheetos in her latest Youtube video. Video of Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Cheetos | Bon Appétit Did you know that there's a...
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RECIPE: No Jar Marinara Sauce

Try this homemade marinara sauce on your pasta dish. The fresh herbs and vegetables create an aroma that will bring the whole family to the dinner table before you even have to ask. That alone is worth the effort, right? Catch this great recipe on this episode of Food Channel's 90 Seconds in the...
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HOLIDAY RECIPE: Thyme Cream Gravy

Well, you can’t have Thanksgiving Dinner without gravy, and this recipe makes for a delicious one. Yes, this gravy is truly worthy of your turkey and mashed potatoes. Save this recipe for next week because the best part is that you can make it ahead of time. Watch how it is done in this video:...
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