Matts Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

Matt's Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

A poll of 2,000 adults found just under a tenth keep the lights off during a romp to save electricity.
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dating bear fishing

'Bear Fishing Is The New Dating Trend

Folks are using toilet paper to lure lovers to their it really working?
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dating and texting

Are You A Bad Texter?

Does being a bad texter have an influence on your dating life? Science (and Ramona) says yes!
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mistress mysteries

Mistress Mysteries

Have you ever had a mistress? Have you ever been the mistress? Matt & Ramona want to know!
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dinky one dating app small in the pants

Small In The Pants? Find Love With 'Dinky One"

Men will never have to feel embarrassed again with this new dating app!
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Ramona With a Diamond Ring

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Proposal

Someone proposed to Ramona but it wasn't that magical! Listen Now.
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Matt Harris Stuck in Ditch

Matt Got Stuck In A Ditch

How did Matt get himself stuck in a ditch? Find out!
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Man bad date

Men of Reddit Reveal What Women Shouldn't Do On a First Date

Have you ever wondered what stops people from getting a second date? Some of these stories are hilarious and extreme but here's why the Men of Reddit didn't ask for another date.
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white guy loves ramona

This White Guy LOVES Ramona

Ramona found herself getting hit on by an older white gentleman, and boy did was he smitten with Ms. Holloway!
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ramona holloway sports bar date

Ramona's Sports Bar Date Gone Wrong

Ramona doesn't really watch sports, but for some reason she decided to go on a date with a guy to a sports bar. Are we surprised why Ramona's love life is so messy?
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