These Emojis Are the Biggest Turn Ons and Turn Offs on Dating Apps

In this day and age, dating involves having good texting game. Of course, you've gotta pick the right emojis. But which ones are the best and worst for finding a potential partner? Clover (a dating app) is helping to solve this mystery. So they looked at more than 90 million messages from 3 million...
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Ramona On The Dating Prowl (Again)

You know Ramona's love life is bad when the guys she's trying to date are more interested in Matt than her!
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5 Steps To A Perfect Kiss

Looking to up your smooching game on #InternationalKissingDay ? We've got the 5 steps you need to make your next kiss one you'll never forget.
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Get Out Of That Ticket

Matt's got some slick tips on how to get out of a parking (or speeding) ticket. It's also hot outside, so we've got some stats about the summer's most popular destination...the beach!
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Home Improvement Mishaps

Remember that time Matt tried to paint his ceiling and got paint all over his carpet? Some people just aren't handy, so we have stories from listeners about their home improvement fails. We also talk about connecting with people from high school on Facebook and would you date a guy who's small in...
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Are your 'Textpectations' Too High?

While eating my lunch today, I was inspired by Amy Young a dating/lifestyle Coach on youtube to rethink my 'textpectations'. In a video she put out in 2016 she makes a few great points. When you're texting a crush, a boyfriend, or even a work friend what are you expecting to happen? What is your...
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Ramona's Cat Cafe Statue?

For some strange reason a wax figure of Ed Sheeran ended up in a cat cafe. PURRFECT: As he’s a feline fanatic, #EdSheeran ’s new waxwork gets to hang out in a cat cafe before moving to #MadameTussauds London. — AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) June 12, 2018 If you've...
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How To Spot A Ghoster

Everybody on this show has ghosted at least one we're a bunch of jerks! We've got the warning signs that your partner is one step away from disappearing...
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Main Character Traits Of A Cheater

Lord knows no one wants to fall for someone who is a repeat cheater. But sometimes it happens to the best of us. But there are some undeniable character traits that someone who is more likely to cheat will have, and now you can look out for them. On a side note, the problem today is that we live in...
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POLL: Could Being 'Bad With Technology' Make You Undatable?

Yes, its 2018
67% (2 votes)
It Doesn't Matter
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3
Compatibility is a big deal with dating. Call it chemistry, attraction or likeability its really important to be on the same page as your partner or potential partner. If you arent it's a major red flag that the relationship isn't going to work. But how important is it to be technologically...
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