dog lovers

Dog Owners Prefer Kissing Their Pooch Over Their Partner

We love our pets! We spoil them like crazy and over the last few years, there have been multiple studies conducted about just how deep our love for them is. One study that stands out is that the majority of people are guilty of having more photos of their pets than their spouses on their phones...
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Top Dog Names for 2018

Multiple times a year, there are lists that come out about the top baby names. There's generally one in the middle of the year to forecast what names may make the final list come December. There are also lists that come out about odd name trends and even the worst or banned baby names. Now pets...
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New Dating APP Caters to Dog People

There are all kinds of different dating APPs to fit so many different people's lifestyles. If you're a dog person and want to find someone else that's equally obsessed with dogs, there's a new dating APP just for you. It's called Dig and it was created by two dog loving sisters. Casey and Leigh...
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