Getting help via 911 may take 2-3 minutes longer now

The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly touched every aspect of every day life, but one downfall that you may not have expected is the increase in 911 call wait times.
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Most Americans Don’t Have Savings For A $1,000 Emergency

Did you know that the average money emergency costs at least $2,500? Very few have that kind of money laying around, let alone $1,000 stashed away in an emergency fund. Bankrate did a survey and found that only 39% of people had $1,000 to cover an emergency such as a trip to the emergency room or a...
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New iOS11 Feature Makes Calling for Help Easier Than Ever

Have you updated the software on your Apple iPhone yet to iOS11? It came out earlier this week and has so many amazing features. I updated mine on Tuesday night, so I didn't have a chance to play around with it until yesterday. You can now snap a screenshot and draw on it if you need to point...
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