Facebook update

Facebook Snooze Let's You Silence Annoying Friends

There are some people you probably would love to just unfriend on Facebook, but you cannot because it's your mother, spouse, or a co-worker and you don't want to cause drama. Maybe they're one of those people that share fake news or are constantly posting the same videos and crap over and over...
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Facebook Finally Gets Rid of Creepy Poke Feature

Finally, Facebook is saying buh-bye to one of its creepier features the poke option. Seriously, who came up with that in the first place? And why hasn't it been taken away sooner? The only people who ever used that poke feature were creepers and weirdos. Seriously, none of my friends, family, or...
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How To Tell Who Stalks You On Facebook

Social media is an incredible thing. It makes it so much easier for us all to keep in touch with family and friends that live far away. But with the good comes the bad. Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram have given people a chance to overshare ever detail of their lives. It's as of many people...
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