bandy christmas gift newsboy hat

Bandy's Early Christmas Present

Bandy's wife got him an early Christmas he feels obligated to wear it all the time!
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Whitney Woerz Shares Her Fashion Passion

If you follow Whitney Woerz on Instagram one of the first things you'll notice is that she has a killer style. In this interview she talks about her fashion passion, and what inspires her to express herself through it.
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Iconic Oscars Fashion: Red Carpet Styles We’re Still Talking About

One of the biggest draws of the Academy Awards is seeing who is wearing what. Over the years certain celebrities upped their fashion game and they still have us talking years later. You’d be hard-pressed to discuss Academy Award fashion without talking about the iconic Bob Mackie sequined gown and...
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Matt's Vest Is Still Makin' Waves!

We're halfway through the first month of 2019 and we still can't get over Matt's vest! Even though he's not here for today's show, it gives us an opportunity to make fun of him for the vest video he posted!
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Matt's New Look In 2019

Matt's still keeping up with dressing sharp well after his "What Not To Wear" days, but he's decided to add a new piece of fashion to his 2019 wardrobe: the vest.
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What Does Your Hair Mean To You?

Hayley from Paramore has always been a hair icon for me and many other young women. Her original fiery locks were inspirational and made a bold statement. Two years ago she made a huge change by changing to a beautiful almost cool toned blonde. So much of her image was centered around the bold hair...
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Southern Women's Show

Ladies, don't miss out on a weekend filled with all of the latest fashions and trends at the Southern Women's Show August 24th-26th at The Charlotte Convention Center Hall! For more information and admission to the event, click: SouthernWomen'sShow
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LOS ANGELES - JUNE 24: Jamie Foxx hosts the 2018 BET Awards / Tyra Banks appears / Ne-Yo / Saweetie, Diamonte Harper.

BET Awards: The Night's Best and Worst Dressed

With the star-studded attendance at this year's stunning BET Awards, you know we had to break it down for y'all.
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Bob's Haircut

The disrespect!! Bob went through all of the trouble of getting a new hairstyle and not one soul on the show noticed...Bob's gotta expose these fake friends!!
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Matt's T-Shirt Trend

Matt doesn't know if he wants to try the "t-shirt and jeans" thing, but there's just one problem....HE'S ALREADY BEEN DOING IT!
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