fidget spinner

Huge Alligator Encounters Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are the hot thing right now for children, adults, and even household pets. Last week I shared a video of cats and dogs playing with fidget spinners and they were really having a ball. Today's viral Fidget spinner video features a huge alligator. FYI, the guy with the fidget spinner...
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Meet Ramona At The Dude Ranch

When Ramona isn't busy hanging out at a rat cafe , she's daydreaming of hanging out at a dude is she gonna do that when she's afraid of wild animals and getting dirty? Also, Bandy's upgraded from a fidget spinner to a fidget cube, and what do Matt, pizza and nudity have in common?
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WATCH: Matt & Ramona Jump On The Fidget Spinner Train

Have you heard about the fidget spinner craze? It's become so popular that schools are now BANNING them because they can be too distracting... Bandy's got one and he lets Matt and Ramona take it for a spin! Video of Matt & Ramona Try Fidget Spinners!
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