Florence prep

Foods to Get Before Florence Hits

Did you procrastinate a bit and not get your Hurricane Emergency kit prepped? No judgment from me because I still need to fill my gas tank. It's literally flashing because I am so close to empty. Although the Charlotte area won't likely see much heavy wind, we will see a lot of rain. Depending on...
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Florence: Red Cross Opens 5 Shelters At CMS High Schools Today

Hurricane Florence is set to slam the coast of the Carolinas and many people living in the East are being forced to evacuate because of potentially deadly storm surge and extremely heavy rainfall. In preparation of the storm, 50 shelters have been set up across North Carolina. Five of these...
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Must Have Items For Your Disaster Kit

Are you ready for Hurricane Florence and whatever impacts we may feel in the Charlotte area? The latest update on Florence from 8am showed that her wind speed has slowed down a bit, but that is likely because the eye wall is currently is the rebuilding phase. Florence is still a Category 4...
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