Taste of Charlotte

Taste of Charlotte 2019 returns June 7th-9th. What better way to spend a 3 day weekend than tasting over 100 samples from area restaurants right here in Charlotte at Taste of Charlotte! Spend the weekend trying a variety of foods and enjoying live entertainment, cooking demos, children's activites...
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Matt & Ramona Rank Their Top 5 Hot Dog Toppings

When the weather is beautiful outside, there's nothing better than throwing a few hot dogs on the grill! How do you like to dress your dog? In honor of one of America's most beloved summer foods, Matt and Ramona rank their top 5 hot dog toppings. If it ain't on their list, they don't want it!
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3 Hershey's milk chocolate bars

The Secret to This Couple’s 79 Years of Marriage is Chocolate

Curtis and Virginia Peters are the ultimate chocolate lovers. Married in 1940, the couple recently celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary. And while they’ve built a life together and share five children, one secret to their relationship is a life-long mutual admiration for Hershey’s chocolate...
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Snickers and Twix chocolate milk

Drink Your Candy! Snickers & Twix-Flavored Milk Has Arrived

Your chocolate milk game has leveled up! In a bid to make your breakfast candy bar dreams come true, Mars is releasing Snickers and Twix-flavored milk. Sweet! Instagram account @CandyHunting was the first to get a glimpse of the new lactose tolerant power duo and the kid in us is screaming! New...
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An Arby's sign in Georgia

Arby's Isn't Serving Plant-Based Meat

A meat replacement wave has swept the nation this spring, ushered in by the massive success of plant-based “meat” companies Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. The former has made most of the news in recent months, staking out positions in a number of popular chains like Burger King , Little Caesar’s...
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Chunks of pink chocolate

Are You Ready For Pink Chocolate?

The world of chocolate is looking rosier. Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut announced plans to introduce its new "ruby" variety in the U.S. market, Bloomberg reports. The company developed the pinkish, fruity-tasting product in recent years by using a special type of cocoa bean found in Ivory...
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A cup of black coffee

The Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the World Costs $75

When you think of a pricey cup of coffee it may simply be the custom venti Starbucks creation you drop eight bucks on every morning. But Klatch Coffee Roasters in San Francisco just blew that notion out of the water. They sold cups made from Elida Geisha 803 beans for $75. And what’s more, they...
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Skipping Breakfast Can Shorten Your Life, New Study Says

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t make time for breakfast, stop that! You could be significantly shortening your life! A study from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discovered that people who skip breakfast have an 87% greater chance of dying from heart disease than those...
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Almost Half Of Us Have Had Food Stolen By A Coworker

If you steal food from another coworker, you are one of the worst humans in existence. A recent study found that 41% of us have had our food stolen at work, and 60% have actually had to confront a coworker about their treason! So what are the top foods that people are stealing at work? The moral of...
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Vlasic Pickle Chips Are Coming!

Vlasic PickLove pickles? Love potato chips? Is so, you’re life is about to become even more delicious because Vlasic pickle chips are coming. And yes, they're made from real pickles. Vlasic Pickle Chips are happening very soon — Yahoo Lifestyle (@...
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