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Carrot Lattes, Newest Coffee Trend?

I love food. And I love trying new food creations. While there have been numerous fantastic food mash-ups that have come out lately, the latest is one I just don't think I can get behind. Here are some of my favorites before I go bashing this new drink creation! 1.The Sushirrito: It's essentially a...
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Kelly's CLT Foodie Finds

I love the look of food, the smell of food, tasting food. I also love to talk about it, write about it, and snap photos of it. Here are my Charlotte Foodie Finds for this week! In case you haven't noticed, Charlotte is growing by leaps and bounds. I feel like every other week there's a new...
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The Shamrock Shake Is Back And Better Than Ever

It's that time of year again! McDonald's just released its famous Shamrock Shake again ahead of the St. Patrick's Day holiday. But this year, McDonald's has stepped it up a few notches with offering a few different varieties of the famous shake and even some coffee options too. Did you know the...
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