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Girl Scout Uniforms Get 2020 Makeover

For the first time in two decades, Girl Scout uniforms will be different. Girl Scouts will be getting a 2020 makeover with the help of new uniforms.
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Justin Timberlake Ignites Girl Scout Cookie Debate: Samoas vs. Thin Mints

Justin Timberlake has ignited a Girl Scout Cookie debate as to which of the organization’s seasonal treats - Samoas or Thin Mints - are the superior cookie. The singer shared two videos and asked his fans to vote for their favorite.
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Jennifer Garner Offers to Send Fans Free Girl Scout Cookies

Jennifer Garner has offered to send fans free Girl Scout cookies. The actress acknowledged everyone’s “primal need” for the seasonal treats and will gift the cookies while supplies last.
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A Definitive Ranking of All the Girl Scout Cookies

Not all Girl Scout Cookies are created equal. Some, like Thin Mints, are pure heaven. Others -- cough, shortbread, cough -- leave something to be desired. Keep in mind, results may vary depending on where you live, since the Scouts employ two bakers who supply different cookies to different regions...
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Girl Scout Cookies x Cardi B

Girl Scout Channels Inner-Cardi B for Cookie Rap That Makes "Money"

Open the door when she knock on your door!
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