WATCH: Goose falls in love with man's car, chases it for miles

While Johnson was heading to Hickman, Nebraska, to get ready to hunt, a Canada goose became obsessed with his car and wouldn’t leave the vehicle alone, the New York Post reported.
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Be A Better Matchmaker Than Ramona

There's two types of matchmakers: the good ones and then there's Ramona. We teach you how NOT to be like her! Also, who is the person your sig other is most likely to cheat with? The answer might be right next door...we also talk about the things you should never say in your first 30 days on the...
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WATCH: Cop Gets Attacked By Goose!

A police detective in Indiana picked the wrong day to cross paths with nature! Lots of videos have gone viral of geese gettin' wild and attacking people, and Detective Hall is just another one on the list. Video of Police Detective challenges the Goose... and the goose wins
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