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Man Stuck with Over 17,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer After Being Banned From Selling on Amazon

As news of the coronavirus outbreak began picking up steam, hand sanitizer became quite a hot commodity. Two brothers in Tennessee bought out over 17,000 bottles, but now they can’t sell them! Read the full story.
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Purell Says It Has 'Dramatically Increased Production' on Hand Sanitizer

The company behind Purell says it has ‘drastically increased production’ on hand sanitizer to keep up with the spike in demand following concerns over the novel coronavirus. Read on to find out how the are handling the situation.
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Have You Been Using Hand Sanitizer Wrong?

Y’all know by know that fecal bacteria is basically EVERYWHERE...especially on that device you’re currently using to read this article! While getting a little dirty doesn’t hurt, it’s still a good idea to protect yourself from the bad bacteria that can make you sick. You’ve probably heard the...
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