Happy Birthday

bandy barn brain wheezy birthday

Bandy's Got Barn On The Brain

Bandy puts his artistic skills to the test with a weird birthday card for Wheezy!
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wheezy 80th birthday

Wheezy's Loving The Birthday Cards

Ramona's mom Wheezy is grateful for all of the birthday cards listeners have sent to her to celebrate her 80th birthday!
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Ramona's Birthday Gum

Sometimes it's the simple things in life... Every year Matt gets Ramona a giant bag of gum for her birthday, now she's trying to stop herself from chewing it all in a week!
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LISTEN: Coldplay Announces EP and Releases Song

Coldplay just announced a five-track EP, Kaleidoscope , set for release June 2. The EP will feature the recent hit “Something Just Like This,” a collaboration with The Chainsmokers, as well as the below track, “Hypnotised,” which the band just shared today. Happy birthday to us! We mean Chris...
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