how to be happier

Doing This Can Make You A Happier Person

Want to be a happier person? You may think that treating yourself to a massage, that purse you've been wanting at the mall, or a food treat may do the trick. But you'd be wrong. While all of those things will make you happier, the happiness is short lived. If you want more long term happiness you...
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5 Ways To Be Happier On Happiness Day

Today, March 20th is International Day of Happiness . Although the "holiday" is still relatively new, it's a day that we should all try and get behind. The day was created to teach us that happiness doesn't come from money, material objects, or status. So if you aren't exactly feeling happy on...
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Cuddling After Sex Is The Key To Happiness

There are so many great benefits of having more sex. It helps release stress, boosts your mood, and if you do it right can burn some serious calories. There's a new study that just came out that once again proves that people that have more sex tend to be happier in general. But there's a catch...
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