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The 5 Items You’re Most Likely To Misplace

Being forgetful is just a part of life, but what are the top items you’re most likely to lose track of? A YouGov survey found that 46% people say they never misplace anything, and for that we give them a cookie. But for the rest of us, here’s the top 5 items that we misplace: 1. Keys (15%) 2. Phone...
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POLL: Is it OK To date a friend's EX?

It depends on the EX
67% (6 votes)
33% (3 votes)
Its absolutely fine.
Total votes: 9
We were watching some episodes of The REAL Daytime and one of their episodes from last year brought up the interesting topic. Is it ever ok to date a friends ex? Under any circumstances? Video of Can a Friend Date Your Ex? This has always been a taboo thing in girl world and I know many guys wouldn...
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Is the #HoneymoonPhase over?

The honeymoon phase is the exciting part of a new relationship where you feel calm and blissfully infatuated with your partner. It's usually the first few months of the relationship. As most people know a few disagreements in a relationship are normal and being able to work through those is a sign...
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Link Concert Series: LeAnn Rimes Meet and Greet

LeAnn Rimes came back to Charlotte after years away and then took some time to say hello to these lucky winners. Check out the pictures here.
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Do You Talk To Yourself? If not, START!

Confession --I sometimes catch myself inside a full-blown conversation with the one and only me and me. Upon occasion my sweet dog, Demi obligingly appears to listen, but not so much the cats :( Happy to see that self-talk is recognized as a formula for success which many high rollers utilize in...
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Elle King Reveals Secret Marriage and Now Breakup

Elle King has revealed a lot about herself in simply one Instagram post. King has experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the past few moths. She has quickly went from secretly getting hitched to now a major split. The " America's Sweetheart " checked in to heartbreak hotel saying, "You...
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