Front view of two angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplace and looking sideways each other with envy

5 Ways You Are Annoying You Coworkers

What's the worst thing you could be doing at work according to your coworkers?
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Shocking Number of People Don't Wear Deodorant

I think one of my biggest worries in the morning on my way to work is if I forgot to put on my deodorant. I always do a sniff test and 99.9 percent of the time I am good and didn't forget. On the rare occasion that I did, I always run to a drug store and grab some. Summer is here and that means so...
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Poll: Do You Pee In The Shower?

Matt & Ramona recently found out some strange statistics and it makes us wonder where do you fall? Is it ok to Pee in the shower or is it a BIG No-No? Listen to the podcast here
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