A Missouri Grocery Replaced Their Salad Bar With a Mini Liquor Bottle Bar

When a grocery store was forced to close its signature salad bar to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, some of its employees got creative. The store replaced the salad bar with a mini liquor bottle bar.
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Where to Order Beer, Wine and Alcohol Online for Delivery During Coronavirus

Even if you’re finding yourself inside more than usual, it’s still possible to stock up on drinks while you stay in. Here are nine places to order beer, wine and liquor for delivery during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Angry Peacock Destroys All The Alcohol

Wild animals can be very unpredictable. They can be even more unpredictable when they find themselves trapped inside a place they don't really belong. That's how the story of the rogue peacock goes anyway. What happens when he gets into a liquor store? Watch the video below, but beware there may be...
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