wedding songs

What Your Wedding Song Says About Your Marriage

Your wedding song could be the difference maker in your marriage...
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Matts Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

Matt's Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

A poll of 2,000 adults found just under a tenth keep the lights off during a romp to save electricity.
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matt harris baby man

Are You Married To A Baby Man?

How often does your man throw a tantrum?
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Tips for Married Couples Feeling the Financial Effects of COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the nation, married couples could be facing a challenging time. An expert weighs in on tips for married couples feeling the financial effects of COVID-19.
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Matt Harris Stuck in Ditch

Matt Got Stuck In A Ditch

How did Matt get himself stuck in a ditch? Find out!
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Ramona Holloway performed marriage ceremony

Don't Get Married By Ramona

Ramona may or may not have messed up while performing a marriage ceremony...ya girl is just out here ruining relationships left and right!
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Do You Snoop Around In Your Partner's Phone?

Have you ever looked at your partner's phone without their knowledge? Just know you're not alone in being curious/paranoid....
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The Biggest Wedding Etiquette Rules You Need To Follow

Wedding day is about two people who are ready to devote their lives to each other. If you’re important enough to them that they’d invite you to be a part of their special day, then you owe it to them to not be a jerk! Reader’s Digest has a list of wedding etiquette rules that you should absolutely...
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What Percentage Of Couples Survive An Affair?

When it comes to cheating in a relationship, how people handle the fallout all comes down to the individual couple. We often talk about the percentages of men and women who cheat and why they do it, but what do we know about the couples who survive an affair? A new study by Health Testing Centers...
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Do You Know Your Partner's Eye Color?

Matt's married; Doc's in a relationship. Neither of them knows the color of their ladies' eyes. Is that a common thing in relationships, or are these two just dumb?
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