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Matts Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

Matt's Rant Corner - Are People Really Turning The Lights Off During Relations To Save Energy?

A poll of 2,000 adults found just under a tenth keep the lights off during a romp to save electricity.
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Dog Poop Signs

Matt's Rant Corner - Dog Poop Signs

I've often wondered what people are trying to accomplish with the various "no poop" dog yard signs.
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Grayson Stone

Matt's Thoughts On Loss

Two members of the Charlotte media have lost children recently. WSOC TV anchor, Allison Latos, lost her newborn baby girl, Hannah Joy, in May. July 29th, Ace from The Ace and TJ Show lost his 21-year-old daughter, Payton. My heart hurts for them. My wife and I lost our baby girl, Grayson, at 35...
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Addie's Going To High School

“Addie’s going to high school! Oh wow, how do you feel?” That’s what people have been “teasing” me about since June. I kept thinking, “Okay, this is must be some big emotional moment that’s going to happen”. Or, “My anxiety will shoot up even more. Once she walks out the door to go to 9th grade.”...
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Dear Men: Stop Carrying A Thick Wallet.

Guys usually think that bigger is better. Big TV’s, big trucks, big man caves, big biceps, big uh… know. Fellas, bigger is never better when it comes to a wallet. Did you not see the Seinfeld episode about George’s wallet? Today, it is even easier to have a nice thin wallet. Video of...
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Matt Is Bad At Taking Photos

So Matt posted a video about what’s in the toolbox in Doc’s car...the problem is you can’t really see what’s going on because Matt’s kinda bad when it comes to the camera. That reminded us that Matt’s pretty bad when it comes to taking pictures. Whether it’s missing teeth… Grinding on Ramona’s mom...
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I'm A Sensitive Husband.

Recently we were talking on the air about how highly-sensitive people people can stop taking things so personally . Being a highly sensitive person is more than just being emotional; it’s about being very self aware and having the ability to read the mood of others around you. In that case, I don't...
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VIDEO: Matt Can't Touch His Toes

Matt isn't really the most athletic or flexible guy around, but he's on a mission...his New Year's resolution in 2019 is to finally be able to touch his toes.
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How Well Does Matt Know His Daughter?

When we say Matt has a bad memory, it's the kind that we're lucky he even remembers the rest of our names most days. It even happens at home with his wife and daughters!! Matt's teenage daughter Addison was in the studio, so we quizzed him to see how much he knows about her favorite things!
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How To Argue When Things Get Tense

We've got some ways you can keep that argument from turning into something that both you and your partner what does Matt care about? We're not sure he cares all that much about anything!
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