matt & ramona

funeral etiquette

How To Not Be A Jerk At A Funeral

It's kind of hard to rest in peace when people are being rude at a funeral! We go over the proper etiquette tips to make sure folks are paying their respects the right way.
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doc's wallet, 107.9 The Link

Doc's Wallet Is Still Too Thick

Matt's stunned that Doc carries around a wallet that has way too much stuff in it...will Matt be able to shame Doc into finally cleaning it out?
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matt's the creepy neightbor

Matt's The Creepy Neighbor

If you're Matt's neighbor, watch out!! You just might find him creepin' around outside by your bushes...
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ramona stole wheezy's popcorn

Ramona Stole Wheezy's Popcorn

Ramona thought she could get away with stealing her mom Wheezy's wonder Henri is Wheezy's favorite child!
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myrtle beach vs. pigeon forge

Myrtle Beach vs. Pigeon Forge

Is Pigeon Forge the Myrtle Beach of the mountains? The thought of someone comparing her beloved Pigeon Forge to the likes of Myrtle Beach has Ramona heated!
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ramona's 2020 new year's resolution

Ramona's New Year's Resolution

Clutter and hoarding runs in Ramona's family, so she's trying to turn over a new leaf in 2020!
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matt caught bathroom Kohls

Matt Got Caught With His Pants Down

Matt usually has to go to the bathroom every 5 seconds, so someone was bound to walk in on him while he's doing his business...only this time it was in public!
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Matt Harris Charlotte Hornets

Matt Embarrassed Us At The Hornets Game

From this point on Matt's not allowed to represent the show out in public...Matt decided to be Matt at a Hornets game and now he's kicking himself!
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bandy christmas gift newsboy hat

Bandy's Early Christmas Present

Bandy's wife got him an early Christmas he feels obligated to wear it all the time!
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Matt & Ramona With Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas Talks about Favorite Holiday Movies, Music and More

Matt & Ramona sat down with Rob Thomas before his show at the 107.9 the Link Deck the Hall Ball! Rob got into the holiday spirit with us and talked about his favorite movies, love and creating music.
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