I Tried The #KonMari Method Here's What I learned

I'm a messy person. It's a simple fact. My work-life is pretty organized but like most 26 year olds I don't have a lot of time or energy to keep things organized. Or so I thought. I've been telling myself for several years now that cleaning up is a hassle and I can get to it when I have more time...
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Does A Messy Desk Make You A Bad Employee?

" My desk isn't messy ." - Ramona Holloway , April 11, 2017 Oh really? Let's take a look back at your desk back in 2012: 54% of bosses say that a messy desk is a red what does Ramona's desk look like now in 2017? Still messy! Meanwhile, Matt's desk is the pinnacle of perfection... Clearly...
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