#MeToo movement

Walmart Bans Cosmo Magazine from Checkout Lines

If you're someone who buys Cosmopolitan Magazine on the regular, it will now be much harder to find it if you shop at Walmart . I remember a time when Cosmo was like my Bible for relationships, fashion, and crazy things to try in the bedroom. The cover of the magazine tends to have some salacious...
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Time's 2017 Person of the Year: The #Metoo Movement

A lot of really significant things happened in 2017. It's the time of year when Time Magazine names their Person of the Year. Yesterday, the magazine released the names of the people that made the shortlist . Some of the names on the list of 10 finalists included Amazon 's CEO Jeff Besos, President...
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Why is Everyone Posting #MeToo On Social Media?

If you've been scrolling through Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , or any other social media platform you may notice a lot of people posting #MeToo as their status. What's it all about? I even posted it as my status today. So what does it mean? Social media and the news has been filled with stories...
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