Bandy Has Been Watching Too Many Scary Movies This October

Bandy Has Been Busy This October Watching Too Many Scary Movies

When did I get to the point in my life where horror movies no longer make me flinch or even creeped out? Instead they just annoy me at all the stupid life choices these people, both victims and bad guys have made #crankyoldman problems
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Project Power Review

Matt and Bandy Review Project Power

Matt and Bandy are back at it again, talking their favorite hobby, watching TV.
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The Rental Review Cover

Matt and Bandy Review The Rental Now Streaming on VOD

Matt and Bandy find out if the movie The Rental is actually worth "renting."
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Primetime Emmy Nominees

Matt and Bandy Discuss Emmy Nominees and the Most Overrated TV Shows

For years you've heard Matt and Bandy pontificate on and on about their love for TV and Movies and now they finally have a podcast/video-cast to talk about it without Ramona rolling her eyes.
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7 Podcasts About Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

These podcasts will bring your favorite movies and TV shows straight to your headphones, and allow for a little multi-tasking while you indulge. See the list.
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juneteenth ramona holloway movies to watch

19 Woke Movies to Watch for Juneteenth

In celebration of Juneteenth, here's a list of movies for you watch that deal with race relations in America.
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Tom Hanks attends the world premiere of Disney and Pixar's TOY STORY 4

SCREENSHOTS: Meet the New Toys and Voices of 'Toy Story 4'

In theaters everywhere on June 21st
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Frozen Ever After In The Norway Pavilion At Epcot

Elsa Goes Ice Surfing in the Official Trailer for 'Frozen 2'

The sequel hits theaters on November 22nd
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A woman looks at some of J.K Rowlings Harry Potter books in waterstones book store on June 16, 2003 in London.

The 'Harry Potter' Vans Collection Finally Gets a Release Date

Get ready to step into the Wizarding World of footwear
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Lil Nas X and Sylvester Stallone

Yes That's "Old Town Road" in the First Trailer for 'Rambo: Last Blood'

Rambo returns to theaters this September
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