Exposure to nature boosts wellbeing and cognitive function, reduces stress: Experts

Even short walks in nature can have big benefits on your mental and physical wellbeing. A growing body of scientific evidence shows nature has many positive effects on our health. Read more now.
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Yes, Ramona's Afraid Of The Elk

We're not really sure why Ramona was out adventuring in nature knowing darn well she's afraid of animals, but an elk warning had her completely on edge!
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Can “Zombie Deer” Disease Spread To Humans?

Cats. Raccoons. Coyotes. They’re just a few of the animals that scare our beloved Ramona Holloway. Now you can add deer to that list. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that deer, elk and moose in at least 24 states have been documented as having chronic wasting...
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