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The Top 5 Emojis Used in the US!

Emojis used to be something that younger people used to communicate without writing out the entire word. But now emojis have become a staple in many text messages and social media posts regardless of someone's age. Sometimes emojis are just a lot more fun to use than a dull word. And every few...
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Mermaid And Zombie Among New Emojis Coming This Summer

Still can't find the perfect emoji to describe how you're feeling? Well, good news! There are 56 new emojis rolling out later this Summer. The people who create emojis have really gone above and beyond for this round! We are finally getting a giraffe, vampire, dinosaur, and more with the new update...
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Menstrual Emojis Are Coming, Period!

There are so many items that should be made into an emoji like a giraffe. How do we not have a giraffe emoji especially after all the buzz around April the Giraffe and the birth of her calf for nearly two months? A company out of Australia is trying to make menstrual emojis happen. Plan...
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