Coronavirus 360

24 Hour Coronavirus Info Stream Established

Coronavirus 360 is a special 24-hour info stream on RADIO.COM established to get updated info to Charlotte area residents as quickly and conveniently as possible.
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Kindergartener Invites Whole Class to His Adoption Hearing

In a packed courtroom filled with kids, one boy’s life was about to change forever. Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan was over the moon about his adoption day . He was so excited that he invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing, according to Good Morning...
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What Is Your ‘Florida Man’ Story? Google It To Find Out With The Florida Man Challenge

For some, Florida is known as a state where the sun shines and people enjoy the greatest place on earth (aka Disney). For other, all we know about Florida is that people from there can’t drive and the criminals are a different breed of dumb. The internet is abuzz with the “Florida Man Challenge,”...
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All The LOL Moments Your Eyes Can Handle From The World Of News

From awkward cross talk to brain farts on live camera these News Bloopers would make Ed and Dick LOL... Video of BEST NEWS BLOOPERS FEBRUARY 2019
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American kids are adopting a British accent because of Peppa Pig

American Children are Adopting a British Accent Because of Peppa Pig

Some American parents are saying that their kids have adopted a British accent thanks to the international phenomenon that is Peppa Pig.
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LIST: Apple Unveils the Best Apps of 2018

Do you have one or all of the apps below on your iPhone or iPad?
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CMS closed Thursday & Friday Due to Hurricane Florence

CMS has canceled school Thursday & Friday ahead of Hurricane Florence. All Athletic events are also canceled.
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Thats not a Baby... Thats a Shark!

A Man in Texas was spotted stealing a SHARK from a tank at a local aquarium in a baby stroller. WOW.
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Steve Harvey to Return as the 2018 'Miss Universe' Host

Steve Harvey will return as the host of the 2018 Miss Universe competition.
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Grammys Increase Number of Nominations in General Field Categories

Some major changes have been announced for the GRAMMYs four general fields.
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