pet rat

Are We Getting A Pet Rat?

A pet rat can be a great pet for your kid!
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Half Of Dog Owners Would Hang Out With Their Pet Over People

It's not surprising that people love their pets more than they like other people.
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Dog Poop Signs

Matt's Rant Corner - Dog Poop Signs

I've often wondered what people are trying to accomplish with the various "no poop" dog yard signs.
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pets behaving badly matt and ramona

Pets Behaving Badly

When did your pet behave like a total nightmare?
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Chihuahuah and Pigeon

Unlikely Duo (Chihuahua & Pigeon) Become Best of Friends

At a Rochester NY animal rescue & rehabilitation facility, Mia Foundation, $6g was raised in just two days thanks to pictures posted of an unlikely cuddly pair
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Would You Sell Your Dog For $100,000?

It’s a well-known fact that people love dogs way more than they love other people. Ask Ramona, who will always be the her mom Wheezy’s second favorite child...behind Henri the poodle. A post shared by Ramona Holloway (@ramonaholloway) on Oct 31, 2018 at 6:37am PDT It’s understandable that dogs...
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Siamese Beauty Needs A Home

Skylar is a beautiful Siamese Lynx Point in need of a great home. Her former owner abandoned her, poor girl. She's in a foster home right now and is a sweet kitty. Skylar is spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. Foster mom's husband has allergies and unable to keep her. This beautiful blue-...
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Talking To Your Pets Is A Sign Of Intelligence, Science Says

We already know that people love dogs more than they love other people , and now it turns out they’re the smartest people in the room. While some think that people who talk to animals are dumb, Dr. Nicholas Epley , a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, says it’s the...
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Cute dog asking for food. Maltese, dinner.

What Thanksgiving Scraps Can I Give My Dog?

Know what you can and can't treat your pets with this holiday season.
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Reasons You Should NOT Date A Dog Owner

Who are the monsters who think that dating a dog owner is a bad thing? We go over the possible red flags you might run into when dating a dedicated pet owner.
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