Whole Foods CEO under fire after saying the solution to health care is to change 'lifestyle and diet'

Whole Foods CEO is under fire after saying the “best solution” to American health care is “change the way people eat.” Many people have met the comments with backlash pointing to serious medical conditions that are unaffected by diet and exercise.
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hatfishing dating trend

Don't Get Caught Hatfishing

Women aren't happy that men are trying to hide their baldness on dating apps.
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real vs fake christmas tree

Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree: Which One Is Better?

Matt and Ramona debate one of the most important Christmas traditions.
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thanksgiving 2020

Staying Safe During Thanksgiving 2020

Matt & Ramona talk about everything from covid testing to handling skipping the normal Thanksgiving festivities this year.
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matt and ramona use phone in bathroom

Use Your Phone While Using The Bathroom?

Is using your phone while also using the bathroom the norm or too gross for you?
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ramona holloway dating

Where's Ramona's Boo Thang?

Why does everyone seem to be able to find their soulmate except for the forever-single Ramona?
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MeowTalk cat chat app

Chat with the Cat App

What if you could understand what your cat is trying to tell you? Well now you can thanks to a new app.
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matt and ramona stretching

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

Thank goodness exercising more was one of Matt & Ramona's resolutions for 2020...
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amy harris matt harris porch project

Amy's Porch Pandemic Project

The Harris porch is looking amazing with from TLC from Amy!
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ramona holloway wheezy holy water

Hoarding The Holy Water

How long has Wheezy been holding onto that holy water?
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