Polar Vortex

RESEARCHERS: Polar Vortex May Have Killed 95% Of Stink Bugs

If there’s one good thing about really cold weather, it’s that it keeps the bugs at bay! The polar vortex that slammed parts of the U.S. with below-freezing temperatures in January may have killed as many as 95% of stink bugs that weren’t able to find shelter, according to a Virginia Tech research...
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Illinois Police “Arrest” Elsa For Bringing Polar Vortex

The polar vortex has been wreaking havoc across the Midwest , so one Illinois police department decided to have a little fun with it. The McClean Police Department posted on Facebook that due to the extreme cold weather, they were arresting Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen.” Of course the...
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Snowflake. Macro photo of real snow crystal

School Principal Announces Snow Day Through Chilly Performance of “Hallelujah”

“Let me reiterate, we are not going to humiliate ourselves by singing a snow day song,” administrator Jim Kitchen announces before diving into a school canceling performance.
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