Man Distracted at Work

Want to Avoid Distraction? Consider a Distraction Journal

Do you find yourself easily distracted? It seems like when you have something important to do there's always something interesting you can find on the internet! In order to keep yourself on track consider a distraction journal. Youtube Channel The Financial Diet has a great video on the subject...
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Don't Keep Your Desk A Mess

Wanna be more productive at work? Science says you need to keep it clean (unlike Ramona's desk) to make your job life easier. Speaking of Ramona, she also tries to convince us that her town of Belmont can compete with the likes of McAdenville during the holidays, but we're not buying it!
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The Key To Getting Promoted At Work

Are you hoping to get a promotion at work this year? According to a new study, the best way to get promoted is to have more sex. The study was conducted by Oregon State University and it found that men and women who have sex daily tend to be happier and more productive. And that extra productivity...
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