Bob & Sheri

VOTE: Bob & Sheri Nominated to Radio Hall of Fame

WLNK-FM, The Link 107.9 is proud to announce that its popular morning show Bob & Sheri has been nominated for induction into the 2020 Radio Hall of Fame .
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Would These Throwback Hits Make It On Radio Today?

Every once in awhile I’ll be listing to a song as it’s airing and think “that has an 80s sound to it” or “that’s got some real 70s funk going on” and it has led me to wonder about some of the charting singles from back in the day and how they would do if they were released now. Would they chart as...
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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Talks Hearing Himself on the Radio for the First Time & How the Term "Sheerios" Originated

Imagine this: you hear your song on the radio for the first time (ever), and the radio DJ credits the song to someone else. That's got to be a major let down, right? Well, it's apparently EXACTLY what happened to Ed Sheeran. He tells us about how a guy named "Ben Sherman" got the credit for his...
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