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19 Woke Movies to Watch for Juneteenth

In celebration of Juneteenth, here's a list of movies for you watch that deal with race relations in America.
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Help Ramona Choose Her Heart Ball Dress

I’ll be the emcee of the American Heart Association’s 62nd Annual Great Charlotte Heart Ball on February 15th. Charlotte’s Heart Ball is a fun black-tie event. About 1000 guests are expected for the dinner, auctions and dancing. Each time I’ve been a part of this event I’ve worn a different gown...
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Matt & Ramona With Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas Talks about Favorite Holiday Movies, Music and More

Matt & Ramona sat down with Rob Thomas before his show at the 107.9 the Link Deck the Hall Ball! Rob got into the holiday spirit with us and talked about his favorite movies, love and creating music.
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Ramona Holloway performed marriage ceremony

Don't Get Married By Ramona

Ramona may or may not have messed up while performing a marriage ceremony...ya girl is just out here ruining relationships left and right!
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12 Things Caregiving Has Taught Me

"Do I like crab cakes?" "What is your breaking point?" Those are the two hardest questions I've faced in my life and both stem from the most challenging job I've ever had. I've been my mom's caregiver since 2004 and those questions have forced me to face my biggest fear. I am slowly losing my best...
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There's A Bird In Ramona's House

Ramona tries to avoid nature as much as possible, but this time nature came to her! A bird got in her house and she practically left poor Wheezy there to fend for herself!
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Oh My Oprah...I Met OPRAH!!

After making my way past two men working security at the Westin in uptown Charlotte and two Oprah wranglers to find Joan Zimmerman, I prayed I hadn’t missed my photo op with her and the billionaire media mogul I’ve admired since college. The UNCF luncheon where Oprah would honor Joan was sold out...
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Ramona's Stained Shirt Will Appear On PBS

PBS was in town to film Ramona for a TV show, so naturally she'd embarrass herself by having a stain on her shirt that she didn't even notice!
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The Ball Is In Your Court, Ramona

Ramona has another weird encounter while trying to date, but it turns out she's the one being the weirdo this time.
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5 Reasons Wheezy Is The Coolest Mom

1) She feeds her favorite child by hand. My dog gets treats just for staying alive. He won't eat meals because he is FULL! Can't get mom to understand that more food does not equal more love... this is why I was a chubby kid. #DogMom #DogsofInstagram #childhoodobesity A post shared by Ramona...
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