VIDEO: Man in giant rat costume crawls onto subway car; here's the MTA's reaction

The MTA reacted to video of a man scurrying through a subway car in a giant rat costume. Video shows “Buddy the Rat” entering a 1 train at 42nd Street and then crawling along the floor and hopping up on a seat.
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These are the 'rattiest cities' in America

Orkin released its annual list of America’s “rattiest cities.” Chicago has the most rats in the nation. The Windy City claimed the top spot for the sixth consecutive year. Read more to see where your city ranks!
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pet rat

Are We Getting A Pet Rat?

A pet rat can be a great pet for your kid!
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Hungry Rats May Become ‘Aggressive’ as Coronavirus Restaurant Shutdowns Persist: CDC

While restaurants remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic, it is bad news for humans, but also for the rats. Experts warn that the rodents may get ‘aggressive’ amid COVID-19 restaurant shutdowns.
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the worst bug infestations

Your Horrifying Pest Infestations

From rats to roaches, listen to some creepy stories of pests taking over people's homes!
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The Most Unbelievable Infestations!

One of our favorite things to do is to freak Ramona out...well we had listeners do their best by calling in to share their worst infestation stories...our skin is still crawling to this day!
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Infestations So Scary They Make Ramona's Skin Crawl

Roaches. Rats. Fleas. Ramona's scared of all wild animals and bug under the sun, both nothing will give her nightmares like a good ole' fashioned infestation story. Listeners called in to share their horrifying tales of their homes being overrun by various creatures...will Ramona survive these...
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