Man shocks internet with how girlfriend puts away groceries

While you may think you know a lot about the person you’re dating, once you start living with them you find out all sorts of new stuff, and one guy is a bit baffled over what he discovered about his S.O. when it comes to groceries.
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Professional Stuntman Sets Himself on Fire to Propose to Girlfriend

During a decoy photo shoot, UK-based stuntman Riky Ash, 52, assembled a crew and lit himself on fire to propose to his girlfriend Katrina Dobson.
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Dating Expert Says Never Date Men in Their 30s Due to Their Commitment Issues

Relationship expert Jana Hocking has some new advice for those looking for their potential soulmate: stay away from the 30-year-olds. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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This Simple First Date Question Can Determine Your Relationship Future

First impressions are everything, and this first date question can help you get to date #2.
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Hi-tech Features In The House Of Tomorrow

3D printers? Hi-tech toilets? Movable walls? We talk about the technology that will be available in every home within the next ten years. We also break down how long it takes for you to really get comfortable in a relationship.
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Don't Make Me Talk To Grandma

Pretty much every adult had that moment as a kid where they were forced into an awkward phone conversation with an aunt/uncle, grandparent or another friend's parent...why did our parents love torturing us like that?!?!
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Couples Having A Bad Day

Let's say you're having a bad day, and when you get home your partner's had a terrible day should you handle it so that you both don't take out your frustration on each other?
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POLL: Could Being 'Bad With Technology' Make You Undatable?

Yes, its 2018
67% (2 votes)
It Doesn't Matter
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3
Compatibility is a big deal with dating. Call it chemistry, attraction or likeability its really important to be on the same page as your partner or potential partner. If you arent it's a major red flag that the relationship isn't going to work. But how important is it to be technologically...
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Breakup Rituals

Chances are if you've been in a relationship you've experienced a breakup. Every person has their own cycle of 'grieving the relationship'. One of my breakup rituals is to read ' Eat Pray Love ' for the 1000th time and listen to indie love songs. Changing your wardrobe or hair is also another...
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Cluttered Bedroom Is A Turnoff?

Sheri's definitely not a fan of messiness...she and Bob talk about why a dirty bedroom is definitely a romantic turnoff!
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